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20 calories homemade Faketella


Have you ever tried to prepare healthy Nutella and ended up with some weird chocolate spread, high in calories and using 15 appliances? Not anymore! There is no secret to this recipe; you can make it in one minute with only three ingredients; cocoa powder (unsweetened), plant / coconut milk and some sweetener. Is has 130 calories for a 100 grams (or even 100 calories if you use water) or 20-25 per tablespoon, exactly a forth of what regular nutella has. You can adjust the recipe as you like; you can use a higher fat cocoa powder and coconut cream to make it keto/ low carb or substitute soy milk for a lower fat milk to make it low fat. You can also add any flavours that you like; some peanut or hazelnut butter, vanilla, cinnamon… This chocolate spread can be added to any weight loss diet, because I can tell you it is 80-90% just like nutella. Is also suitable to everyone, because it is vegetarian and vegan, gluten free, sugar free, milk fee, egg free and nut free; in general, allergen-free.

My vegan friend created youtube channel where she is uploading vegan recipes. Videos are available in English and Spanish. The channel is 1 month old. I recommend you to watch the video of this recipe. It's just 2 minutes long Thank you very much for your support.

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