3-ish months vegan and things are pretty great :) via /r/vegan

3-ish months vegan and things are pretty great 🙂

For context, I'm a high-schooler living with my parents and went vegan overnight less than a week before Thanksgiving. Everything's been phenomenal for me, besides milk powder in EVERYTHING and a bit of teasing from my friends, family, and girlfriend. It's nothing I wasn't expecting, though I think it's a bit backwards that wanting to hurt animals less warrants having fun poked at me.

I haven't missed meat whatsoever, black sulfur salt + just egg has satisfied any want for chicken eggs, and I am in love with oat milk. The only thing I've been occasionally tempted by is cheese, but I usually just eat something else savory or greasy and I'm fine.

I bake frequently, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of my regular treats come out better with vegan egg, milk, and butter substitutes. My aunt commented last time I made cinnamon rolls that they were the best ones she'd ever tasted 😁.

Admittedly, my nutrition probably isn't very good right now. That's just my fault for not eating enough and enjoying veggie straws more than veggies, though. I am taking a B12 pill and a vegan multivitamin daily.

I haven't been able to motivate anyone to eat fully plant-based, but my parents have been eating far less animal products in recent months. We haven't had a carton of cow's milk in the house since December, as my parents weren't going through it fast enough. Thanks to this, my mom now almost always uses almond or oat milk in dishes. My mom makes most dinners without animal products now, then she and my dad add animal products to their own servings. It's not ideal, but it's better than the whole meal being made with animal products.

Things are also great with my girlfriend! She teased me at first, but has mostly subsided. Whenever I stay over, she always makes sure to get/make food that's vegan-friendly. I also got her hooked on non-dairy cherry garcia ice cream.

Overall, I'm happy. My conscience is much clearer now and I feel healthier in general. I'm happy I've been able to reduce my loved ones' animal-product usage, even if only by a bit. I'm also looking forward to having a fully vegan fridge once I move out!