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4 very happy meatless years

4 years ago, I (17yo at the time) made a bet with my cousin that I could go one week withouth eating any meat. It was a stupid bet that changed my life. I liked 4 vegetables (and this is not an exaggeration, literally 4) and everyone mocked me, saying I wouldnt last 4 days.

A few days after the bet I stopped eating fish and started investigating about how to be a vegetarian. I knew basically nothing and on the way, I learnt the problems with being a vegetarian. So, a month later or so, I became a vegan and never stopped.

The day I celebrate is the day of this bet – 6th of june – because I had never thought about veganism before. I mean, I would only eat cows and pigs and fishes, because I pittied the other animals (yes, hipocrite much). I would love to say it was a very easy ride, but sometimes it isnt. But one thing I know for sure: its easier for me to eat only lettuce and tomato when I go to a traditional restaurant with family, then it is for the animals I love to be slaughtered.

So yes, 4 years ago today I started my way to veganism as a bet and I cant thank that bet enough for all the amazing changes it brought me.

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