Advice for dealing with non-vegan friends? via /r/vegan

Advice for dealing with non-vegan friends?

I've been vegan a little over a year and a half. Due to an injury and covid I was able to isolate myself almost the entire time which made the transition easy.

I am now socializing again and yesterday was really hard. It was hot, my friend was late meeting us cause they picked up Popeye's and when we get into the house. The Popeye's gets piled onto the table and the smells and the sounds of everyone eating and the yums and everything was really hard to bear. Everyone else ate while I moved to the other side othe room and sat down staring at my phone running through emotions of anger, frustration, sadness… as well as being very hungry myself. If I wasn't in a gated community that I need to be buzzed into I was really considering just leaving for a while.

So… any advice on dealing with these situations in the future? And please don't say find new friends… as there are business proposals in the works too.


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