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Annoyances of a new vegan

I'm a very new vegan and yesterday something happened which I didn't expect to hit me as hard as it did. I had a wine evening with some friends of mine. The idea was we'd all bring a wine and make an accompanying snack. Since I've only adapted to this lifestyle a couple of weeks ago I was happy all my friends agreed to making a vegan friendly snack.

As I had the last wine of the evening I decided on making a big charcuterie board filled with hummus, dried fruit, nuts, veggies, dark chocolate etcetera. One of my friends asked me if I brought any cheese to go with it all, which confused me So I explained I hadn't because I don't agree with supporting the dairy business any longer. This woman, when seeing all the things I díd bring, actually decided to go to the supermarket to bring some cheeses because "you need to have cheese with your wine". When the time finally came for my wine and snacks everyone kept fawning over how good the cheeses were.

Like I said, I'm a fairly new vegan so I didn't expect this situation to hit me this hard. A couple of weeks ago I figured everyone should be entitled to their own opinions and choices, which of course they are, but it seems so childish? I spent 40 euro's on a varied spread with all kinds of good stuff but you need to go out of your way to buy cheese? And the worst part is I'm the only vegan in my life so no one really gets why this annoyed me this much. It almost makes me feel like I'm overreacting because no one gets how disappointing it is to me that a couple of hours without cheese is "undoable" for them. How do you seasoned vegans deal with this?

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