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Camping with meat eaters, meal ideas?

Hello all! My boyfriend and I who are vegan will be camping with his brother and his 7 month pregnant wife. We’re more so are glamping so we’ll have a small kitchen and grill. They are visiting us from out of town so we are taking on meal planning for the trip. A few questions:

  • should I offer to buy them (mainly her) animal products? I don’t want to but also don’t want to mess with a pregnancy
  • assuming they are open to eating dinners we make and buy (planning on branding them as healthy vs. vegan), what would you make? Simple, healthy, filling and okay for a pregnant women… -mainly thinking about dinner, I think we’ll be out for lunch and breakfast I’m thinking will be toast or oatmeal.

Thanks for any ideas 🙂

Submitted April 22, 2021 at 04:15AM by jungleluna26
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