Can this subreddit assume good will from other vegans? via /r/vegan

Can this subreddit assume good will from other vegans?

The discussions, quite frankly, are becoming more toxic, even among and between vegans. There can be room for respectful disagreement about different topics, without resorting to referring to anyone that disagrees with you as an abuser or a supporter of abuse. This tendency becomes more apparent when the discussion is between two vegans of different opinions about some topic, and one vegans attitude towards the other disagreeing with them isn’t merely that this person has a different opinion than me or they are simply wrong, but that they are a bad person (and that’s when it comes to vegans talking to other vegans that they disagree with, and not just non-vegans).

You can still express your viewpoints without watering them down, and still be respectful of others. A bit of tact and assumption of good will to people who disagree with you (at least initially, unless they are trolling or obviously acting in bad faith) can go a long way to having a more productive discussion online.

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