Coworker Tricked Me Into Eating Non-Vegan Food via /r/vegan

Coworker Tricked Me Into Eating Non-Vegan Food

I live in a state big on farming and ranching and have a part-time job where I work alongside mostly traditional conservatives, including several people with farming backgrounds, so I know reporting it would get me laughed at, at best. For reference, talk of butchering or cattle prices is common workplace conversation. (I only admitted I was vegan in that environment at all because this person kept offering me food in an increasingly pushy way, and I'd wanted her to stop). Honestly, I feel like I should've known she was lying about the ingredients, but I'm horrible at reading people and tend to take things at face value.

Worst part is, I don't typically eat sweets/dessert foods, but I accepted something I otherwise wouldn't have because I was genuinely touched she'd thought to bring food I could have, and I didn't want her to feel bad. Anyway, I had an inkling and asked about the ingredients again. Turns out they were normal cookies with milk and butter… but she imagined it wouldn't hurt just this once, and normal people eat those things every day.

Dairy also gives me bad acne, so on top of feeling like a gullible idiot, I'm now worried about a breakout. Not looking for advice so much as venting and seeking evidence that non-awful people exist.

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