Decided to finally turn vegan again via /r/vegan

Decided to finally turn vegan again

Hi I’m 16, I was vegan for around a year at the age of 13/12 (don’t remember) but I was getting bullied for it and even had people calling me a fake vegan for eating bread (ridiculous I know) so I just told everyone I was vegetarian so they’d leave me alone even though I planned to still eat vegan. After that I ended up making exceptions when people would give me non vegan food and I would drink cows milk after I had ran out of soya milk until eventually I was just a vegetarian. I had honestly lost sight of what made me vegan to begin with. After lurking on this sub and watching countless earthling ed videos enough was enough and I took the time whilst shopping to find vegan alternatives for all my favourite food (surprisingly a lot more than there was a few years ago) and am now hoping to stay vegan for life. It’s only been a day so far but I am going to make sure I watch a vegan YouTube video every morning to keep in mind exactly why I am doing this until it just becomes second nature like my vegetarianism currently is.

Sorry this is long and probably uninteresting but I want to at least write this for my own accountability

Edit: thank you everyone for the comments, I’ve only just seen them since my 4g is down and I’ve read them all even though I didn’t reply to most of them

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