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Extending shelf life of began cookies

Hello everybody!! This is my first post ever and I would like to ask for your help.

I have a vegan, gf cookie recipe that I and my friends love quite a lot. One of these friends asked me to bake some of these cookies for his coffee shop and I'm liking the idea of starting a small business. The thing is that these cookies don't have a very long shelf life. When baked for family and friends the cookies are gone in seconds, so it never occurred to me to modify anything on the recipe, but now after some tests, I realise the cookies lose all their crispyness after the third day. I would like them to last longer. Does anyone have any tip I could use?I'm not an experienced cook or baker, whatsoever. The ingredients of these cookies are flaxseed eggs, coconut flour, panela, chunky peanut butter, vanilla extract, and the chocolate chips (last time I made my own out of some cacao nibs, photo attached)

Thank you for your time. Hopefully I could find a turnaround to this issue and make it works.

PS: I just realise I wrote began in the title… I don't know how to modify it.


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