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Fakin’ bacon made at home!

One container firm tofu. Cut in slices about a quarter of an inch thick. Marinate overnight (for best results, but can be less). Use tamari, more if you like it salty, less if not so much. Add some sirachi, just a dribble across the top. More if you like it zingy. None if you don't like spicy! I also like to add cracked pepper! Splash enough tamari to cover and have some in the bottom of the container. A container with a tight cover works best, just flip the container over for thorough marinating. Tofu should be a nice beige color if thoroughly marinated. Pan fry in cast iron with peanut oil until golden on both sides. Or however you prefer to do that. Makes awesome TLT. The tofu version of the carnivore classic, BLT. I've been making this since college, someone taught me. No idea where this is originally from. Hope you guys like it!

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