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Favorite Veggies/Protein for Indian Curry

As the title says: What is your favorite veggie or 'meat substitute' for a Indian-inspired curry?

Every Saturday I play DnD with some friends (small group of 4). And we moved to playing in-person again (we work all from home and decided early on that we only see each other while this pandemic is going on). I started cooking for them (non vegans) and it's going great. The Lasagne made one stop buying mince instead buying impossible/beyond meat, I got to show them how to make vegan B├ęchamel, etc.. The other day one of them called me to say that they didn't buy any animal products or anything with animal products when they were shopping. Next up on my agenda: Curry!

So long story short: What do you like most in an indian-inspired curry? I usually just go for tofu or cauliflower, but maybe one of you knows of something that will blow any omni away.

Submitted March 03, 2021 at 08:16PM by Federwolf
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