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What would be your ideal vegan version of this non vegan mean, not by flavor profile, more so by practicality and nutritional value :

Scrambled eggs or omelet – practical, few ingredients, protein packed

Grilled cheese sandwich – easy, fast, stuff I usually have on hand

Tuna salad – protein packed and easy

I’m open to other nutritional easy recipes for fast meals when I don’t have time to put effort in my food!

I’m new to veganism! I tried it before and didn’t like it as I was trying too hard to mimic my usual food (like cheese or eggs) etc, I did not like that at all. I’m going at it again but more in the plant based mindset, changing my diet completely. I want to eat flavorful things, I don’t want to have a Mac and cheese if it doesn’t have cheese and has carrots in to mimic the color but horrible flavor…

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