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Grandparents & Veganism

I became a vegan when I was 17 years old, almost 4 years ago. Everyone around me was like "yeah, we understand that you don't want to eat meat, but please eat fish and milk and eggs" and no one thought I would last more than a month. No one but my Grandfather.

He was never vegan or vegetarian, but he would constantly call me asking me if I had found a new vegan restaurant that we could go and he would call me when he saw any vegan-related place. I don't think he loved the food, but he would go with me and support me and that was very special. I will never forget a day where the owner of one of my favorite restaurants came to our table to ask us about our story because my grandfather was the oldest person that had been to that place and he was very excited. My grandfather, unfortunately, passed away in 2019, but I will be forever grateful for being my first veganism supporter.

My maternal grandparents are a whole other lovely story. They are definitely not vegan, nor do they understand it. And I get it, they lived in a period where they didn't have much to eat, and worrying about animals' lives wasn't a priority. With this said, my grandma cooks some new vegan food for me every time I get there. And she gets so proud when she buys me some frozen vegan "fish" or something and makes a big dish out of it.

I just wanted to do an appreciation post for mine and everyone's grandparents and their unconditional love. Veganism is not easy for an older (and previously poor) older person, but I will never not appreciate the effort this amazing people put in making me happy.

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