Guy eats ribs next to us at a vegan restaurant via /r/vegan

Guy eats ribs next to us at a vegan restaurant

Small little story

I’m not vegan but one of my best friends is so we often go eat at a vegan restaurant we like. Yesterday we were eating there, and then this guy around our age (17-18) comes in and sits down on the table next to us. He asks for a very long order with meat, egg and whatever. Obviously the waiter tells him that it’s a vegan restaurant and that there are no animal products. He looks genuinely confused which is strange because surely you know what being vegan is. He then asks for water and for more time to choose something. Me and my friend chuckle and continue our meal. Well turns out I was completely right. Minutes later, 4 of his friends come in and sit down next to him… they were all carrying take-out ribs. Started eating really loudly. It was clear that it was a prank. Anyway after a long back and forth with the waiters they spilled the meat and ran way. The waiters tried to stop them but they were girls and so the guys just pushed through.

I was baffled. I had seen and experienced the wrath and annoyance of the vegans over at vegancirclejerk in real life. All from, being called a murderer to not letting me into a fast-food place and being screamed at and having pictures of tortured animals shoved in my face while eating at a park with my friends. But I had never seen the opposite side. Obviously I knew somewhere, someone hated vegans so much that they’d go and do something like it. Just never put much though into it because I never saw it happen and I saw much of the opposite. Anyway I thought it was pretty rude, annoying and childish. When they finally left, my friend looked at me with a look that I always give her, and jokingly said “that’s meat eaters for you”, which is something I always say (but with vegans) when we meet the opposite which was pretty funny.

Ps: Your vegan beet pesto pasta is literally god sent. One of my favourite meals. Found the recipe online.

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