Guys, going full vegan from tomorrow. Wish me luck! via /r/vegan

Guys, going full vegan from tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Hello guys! I am an 21M Indian studying in Canada. When I was in India, I used to eat mostly plant based diet but meat once a week. After coming to Canada, and abundance of meat, I have put on almost 30lbs. I used to be 165lbs but now, I am 195lbs at 5'6. The worst thing is I have a very high blood pressure. I am at worst both mentally and physically. Also, I have regular constipation.

I have a very bad relationship with food and my weight keeps yoyoing. I lost 15kg (35lbs) twice when I went to India and gained everything back because I keep eating fried chicken and lots of meat. I also have very bad body-image issues. I discovered veganism a long time while ago, and have been one for past one month. This sub helped me discover deeper values I have. I am a very feminist person, and I see a lot of overlap. However, my diet has been just heaps of rice and fried stuff. I truly am at my worst. But at least now I am little happy my self destruction does not involve any animal's death.

But I decided to change. I want to regain my fitness. I used to be an athlete in high school and easily ran 10k. I want to regain that fitness. I used to easily bench 100lbs for 3 reps two years ago. I want to regain that. But this time in a completely vegan diet.

I made a several posts here before how the fitness industry over does the importance of meat. I know there are many vegans who made massive gains and are absolute stunners to look at. I am not even close. But in my circle, I am the only vegan. To me, this is a challenge to prove that all things they believe about fitness are crap.

While wanting to get back on track and regain fitness is something personal, I believe that this is to give a message. To give a message that meat isn't necessary to be healthy. That you don't need to eat meat to be a "man". Because what manly are you if you gain pleasure from the pain of others? This is about sending a message in my circle that vegans can be something special too.

I have no idea what pulls me towards veganism. But I very firmly believe that you do not need animal products to be a healthy human. In fact, you can be healthier as a vegan. I don't know if I will ever be considered attractive to prove a point, (I never knew this till coming to Canada, but Indians are considered ugliest in the west?) but I believe I can work hard enough to prove it at least by fitness levels. This is for you guys. I wanted to ask your wishes because you are the ones who inspired me. I am dedicating this journey to you guys. I hope I can regain my fitness. In fact, I hope to become better! But I promise of continuing this diet whether I can prove the point or not.