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Hardest part of going vegan is other people

This probably isn't a novel topic, but I kind of wanted to vent. I was vegetarian for a long time, and one day it just kind of "clicked" for me, and I was vegan going forward. I've been very….careful about telling people I'm vegan. Normally it comes up incidentally, and I'll try to fly under the radar just saying "oh I don't eat meat," and if possible, I leave it at that. At my job (which I've been at for 4 months), a coworker put two and two together and tipped off everybody else.

For the most part, my coworkers are cool about it. I get gentle ribbing here and there, and they're generally pretty pleased to try different things I eat and make. Every now and then I have an inevitably uncomfortable conversation where I'm told at length "Ohh I know factory farming is bad, but I like [insert animal product here], it's too tasty."

Yesterday, a coworker checked me out (we work grocery retail), and I'd bought some sandwich fixings for lunch. He caught onto the term "plant-based," and asked if I was vegetarian, to which I responded that I was vegan. The person ahead of me audibly gasped (tf?), and coworker told me about some mutual acquaintances who are vegetarian/vegan. Cool. At the end of the day, he butt into a conversation I was having with someone else to ask why I was vegan. I told him "ethical reasons" and he went on to..mock me? And then tell me he was going to eat a burger in my face to see "what my ethics get me." I was a little stunned and started to elaborate on my reasoning, and he started describing to me in graphic detail chickens being killed and made into food. And talked about a video he saw where people fed chicken to chickens. The person I'd been speaking to excused themselves and I did soon after. Coworker who accosted me was all fine and dandy with me the day after. Why

TLDR Most of my coworkers are cool, but yesterday a coworker got all weird on me about veganism. I feel icky now and don't know how to treat those situations?

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