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Help, how do I feed a picky non vegan?

I am spending a lot of time at my Mothers place right now and she isn't vegan, thinks it can't be healthy and arguments abaut it are like running against a wall.

So I am tying to do the cooking for lunch but she won't eat a lot of vegan stapels like chickpeas, any form of bean other than green beans, pumpkins or anything she thinks of as exotic like quinoa, chia seeds, flax, bok choi, sweetpotato, avocado,..

She also won't eat salat for lunch or store bought meat alternatives (including basic tofu).

I personally don't like mushrooms so I usually leave them out of recepies or suplement them for carrots or paprika.

So far I've got her to like:

Cauliflower Bolongnese

a potato and pea Curry

oven roasted root vegetables (potatos, cattots, parsnip, beets)

red cabbage with paprika and vegan gravy (added a vegetairian protein source so it at least wasn't meat)

I really don't know what else to cook at this point and suggesting making seperate meals for lunch would just cause more fighting, so if any meals come to mind that could work, the help wuld be appreciated.

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