Help with a ingredient replacement for my vegan friend via /r/veganrecipes

Help with a ingredient replacement for my vegan friend

Hi! So, i am not vegan, but i want to make a cake for my vegan friend. Its a weird cake, so i'll leave the recipe at the end. Sorry, but it's not vegan. But it could be! Thats the point

The recipe ask me to make a base for the cake with chocolate cookies triturated and butter. What can i replace the butter? People hace advised me: sunflower oil Virgin, coconut oil virgin, and margarine.

What do you think? Any of the three options are valid? If the recipe asks me with 100gr of butter should i use the same amount of the replacement? Does it change with everyone?

Sorry if any what i say doesnt make sense. Not only i'm not used to cool or bake, im not a natural english speaker, so i might have invented a few words

Anyway, here is the recipe. It is in spanish but i guess you could put it in google translator.


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