Heyyy just cut my first family tie over veganism lol via /r/vegan

Heyyy just cut my first family tie over veganism lol

Just to be clear it was an uncle I barely talk to anyways but he offered me cheese and I declined then he asked what was wrong with that, so I gave a quick summary of why the dairy industry is cruel. 5 minutes later hes red in the face. I’m a dumbass animals are just a way to make money they’d all die if we didn’t keep them alive on farms. They’re all vicious in the wild. If I was starving to death I’d eat an animal. You CANT be healthy without meat. Protein from plants isn’t real protein WHAT YOURE GONNA BR A BODY BUILDER EATING BROCCOLI YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER. I stood my ground but I hate confrontation and it was awful. A little win though, his 7 yo asked why I don’t eat chicken and I gave a quick summary and he said to his dad while he was yelling at me “I get what he’s saying”

Edit: it’s not just veganism. that makes it sound like I’m bragging about cutting off my family. He’s an asshole anyways but this was really the breaking point. I told him multiple times he didn’t have to agree with me I just didn’t feel comfortable eating animals I don’t advocate for cutting off everyone in your life that isn’t vegan 😅

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