Hike menu planning with a vegan. via /r/veganrecipes

Hike menu planning with a vegan.

Hi guys! We're a small group of scouts that need to go on a hike for badgework, but we have a vegan with us. Usually he just makes his own (bland packet mix) food on hikes but we wanted him to feel more included and we're considering all going vegan for dinner so he can join in and eat something more exciting too, also so he doesn't feel punished by his choice. We have a few requirements and I'm wondering if anyone knows any recipes that can match these strict criteria: -Very high protein. -Tasty (though after hiking anything meets this criteria). -Preferably lightweight ingredients that come cans rather than glass. -Preferably cheap. -No ingredients that can perish (we're in Australia so they'll have to deal with ~30°C (86F) heat ).

Any ideas are greatly appreciated :).

Edit: I forgot to say that gear wise we have a total of two trangias between the four of us.

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