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How can I make cheaper nut milk?

I like nut milk, but it’s quite expensive. 1l costs nearly 3€ and then it’s only 2% nuts (almonds). I tried making almond milk myself, using 50-60g almonds per litre, which is roughly three times as many almonds, but it’s still runny. I know people on the internet take a 1:4 ratio of nuts to water but that’s just too expensive for me. I guess the key is in the emulsifiers. As a home cook I don’t have access to the same additives – are there any tricks to thicken the milk at home? I have guark but it says on the label that it’s for hot dishes and I don’t want to heat my milk. What else could I use?

Submitted April 26, 2021 at 06:28PM by Laena_V
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