How do I cook oatmeal in soy milk? via /r/veganrecipes

How do I cook oatmeal in soy milk?

Hey people!

So turns out I'm not the best milk digester (lactose intolerance. I hate it) and so I decided to switch to the cheapest alternate. Which is soy milk.

I can't find any reliable recipe online and i couldn't think of a better place to ask this question.

I really can't afford to waste food, and for whatever reason, if I don't like something the first time i try it. I usually will never come back to it.

I'm trying to be less reliant on meats for protein and it's been a bitch of a thing to figure out a source of protein that i dont hate that's veg (don't like first time=hate for ever).

Is there a reliable recipe for quaker oats for a good simple oats+milk recipe?

I really want to like oatmeal! Would love some help figuring this out!

Submitted April 06, 2021 at 01:46AM by parthpalta
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