How I absolved/satisfied the stanky canned tuna craving via /r/veganrecipes

How I absolved/satisfied the stanky canned tuna craving

I used to looove canned tuna in water. I preferred it over all other fresh/frozen/fried fish. Something about the stink, taste, ease, high protein, low fat, goes with dill pickles-ness of it spoke to my tastebuds.

Since becoming vegan, I have discovered an entire WORLD of stanky and more complex flavors: nooch, kala namak (black salt), and the umamis (like miso paste or mushroom seasonings). I actually forgot about tinned tuna for a few years. Last week, the old craving came back and it's been on my mind a lot.

I've made ranch chickpea salad sandwiches ( which are VERY good but it isn't stinky. I've made deviled potatoes (, which are also pretty good and stinky but not quite what I was looking for.

So I combined a bunch of posted internet recipes for "tofuna" and "toona" into my head and assessed what I had in the pantry. Here is the recipe (no pic because I'm an animal who demolished my beautiful sandwich immediately):

Chunky bits:

– carton of extra firm tofu, drained for 15 mins in a tofuture press (this thing was super worth the $30 if you eat a lot of tofu), I imagine it would be even better if you froze and thawed to tofu first. I squished it with my hands into little chunks- I'm not a purist for texture.

– celery and red onion would have been grand but I didn't have them on hand so I went with sliced rainbow chard stalks. This did double duty as it considerably made the end result prettier

Wetter bits: Whisk the following together

– ~1/3 cup of Hellman's vegan mayo

– 1T lemon juice

– 1 sheet of nori, blended into fish food looking bits

– couple T of soy sauce

– spices: lots of garlic powder, onion powder, and lemon pepper; bit of kala namak

Combine liquid with tofu and veg. Boom.

I lightly toasted some thick sourdough. Drizzled mustard, gave it the leaves from the rainbow chard, a huge scoop of the tofu tuna mix, 2 slices of dill pickle (pro tip: pat them with a kitchen towel first to remove excess moisture), and a slice of Follow Your Heart smoked gouda. I wrapped it wax paper and ate it with my eyes rolled back into my head.

Next time, I'll skip the cheese as it was kind of wasted with all the other flavors (and kind of redundant with the fat of the mayo) going on.

Tell me if you have any other ideas for stanky, or not, additions to my tofuna.

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