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I Could Never Go Vegan – New Documentary

Posting on behalf of my SO who doesn't have an account. He's been vegan a few years and is making a documentary.

I could never go vegan. Five words spoken around the world by many a non-vegan, but why? On a quest for the truth, a filmmaker sets out on a journey to find out the leading arguments facing the vegan movement, and whether they’re justified or not.

Absolutely thrilled to share a little teaser trailer of a feature length documentary currently in production. Filming is on-going, so lots more exciting updates to share going forwards. I'm curious – what are the most common reasons some of you have heard for people not going vegan, and what's the single most ridiculous reason (in your opinion) that you've heard?

Please give our social accounts a follow (https://www.facebook.com/icouldnevergovegan) and @icouldnevergovegan_movie on IG, check out our website to stay up to date (www.icouldnevergovegan.co.uk).

https://vimeo.com/546549580 – this is the link to the teaser trailer for the documentary.

Would love to hear your reasons for going vegan, plus any arguments you have heard against veganism, so please comment!


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