I don’t feel supported by other vegans via /r/vegan

I don’t feel supported by other vegans

so i’ve been vegan for about a year and i’m really fed up with the gate keeping going on in the community. I made a recipe the other day with impossible beef and there were people arguing with each other in the comment section arguing if it’s vegan or plant based. then i posted a photo of my dairy-free ice cream and someone commented saying “iT sAyS dAiRy FrEe NoT vEgAn” and i had to explain to them that the brand is certified vegan. it seems like people are trying to knit pick everything i do even though i’m trying to do my best. what’s the point of gate keeping? i just feel like some people want to turn veganism into an exclusive elitist club when it should be about encouraging others to give veganism a chance. finding ways to kick people out just seems counterintuitive and smug. also, i don’t like the attitude some vegans have that “everyone should be vegan” and the judgement of them. i’m privileged enough to have the financial resources to be vegan. veganism can be cheaper but it isn’t accessible for everyone, especially for people living in food deserts or very poor families. i’m not going to judge someone who is poor and struggling to survive because they have to prioritize other things. i’m proud to be vegan, but i wish the vegan community was more supportive and less smug and judgmental.

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