I had a small victory today and I want to share. via /r/vegan

I had a small victory today and I want to share.

My parents are not vegan, its just me. In order to keep the level of anger and chaos to a minimum, I don't ever push them. However, I always let them try my vegan food that I make or get.

We recently tried this Indian restaurant and over half of their menu is either vegan or can be veganized! I got a vegan coconut curry, and let my dad try some. He absolutely loved it.

We've been talking about going again tomorrow, and my dad asked for me not to get him the chicken version my mother was going to get him, but instead the exact vegan thing I ordered! Its a big deal to me, because he always prefers meat in stuff, but he actually found a vegan option he prefers!

It may seem like a small victory, but to me it seems huge. He's been so personally supportive of my own journey but I never thought I'd see this happen. Its a great step in the right direction!

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