I had a talk about vegan vs. plant based with my PT today. via /r/vegan

I had a talk about vegan vs. plant based with my PT today.

My (omni) physical therapist and I usually chat while he twists my body into a pretzel, and today's topic was his daughter's extremes in diet. He said that she was vegan for a while, and then gave it up, and now was on a kick where she's changing all her beauty products because she thinks the ingredients make her fat.

Anyway, I gently explained to him my view that if someone says they're vegan, and then goes back to eating meat, perhaps what they were doing was trying out a plant based diet for a while. I talked about the difference between adopting a diet for health reasons, and adopting a set of ethics that change the way you live your life. I told him that I could never see myself reverting to consuming animals, because I truly believe an animal should not have to suffer and die for my dining pleasure.

He mentioned that he enjoys nature photography, and that when he says he's going to shoot some bobcats, people get all up in arms, so I was able to slip in a little bit about cognitive dissonance.

He said I made him think, and that he'd never heard veganism presented in that way. And while I don't think he's going to give up eating burgers any time soon, I did make some inroads.

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