I just finished Dominion after seeing a bot link it. I don’t feel well. via /r/vegan

I just finished Dominion after seeing a bot link it. I don’t feel well.

I can't even put it into words. The anger, the amount of tears that came from me while watching it .I just can't fathom how people can be so god damn fucking mean to animals. Laughing at them while literally torturing them? Like what the FUCK is wrong with you?

I'm an Atheist, but I sure hope hell is real, so these POS people can have the same treatment done to them.

As for me, I've been blind. I've been blind to labels such as grass fed, even 100%. I've been blind to organic meat. And fucking shit the turkeys. I love them so much and when their segment came on I wanted to go slaughter the people on that farm myself.

I'm a 5"11 semi powerlifter. My bench press is 425, my squat is 605, and my dead lift is nothing since It hurts my back when I go over 405lbs. I'm also overweight as most powerlifters are, and I've been transitioning into bodybuilding which is helping me lose fat and maintain muscle. I hope to show that being vegan can also mean being strong, as I won't let my numbers decline, and they will only increase. I've already moved on to a vegan protein powder the other day (KOS), and that was just the beginning. I also happen to take Ritual multivitamins which are actually vegan after looking it up.

This is a post to myself, even if nobody sees it, this is it – I'm fucking done. From this point forward I'm done consuming meat. This will be the hardest thing in the world for me, as for packing on all that muscle and weighing 300lbs, I've eaten a lot of meat during my life.

I'm hoping a make a difference, I'm hoping I become healthier, and I'm hoping that in my life time lab grown meat becomes a common thing to stop these fucking animals from being killed like they’re less than ants.

I probably won't post again. But please, keep making posts promoting veganism, because believe it or not, it does work – as I, a meathead powerlifter will now only be consuming plants.

Thank you all for being kind to animals.

PS: What are some of your favorite brands that also have active social media? Also any vegan clothing lines that are super popular that I can help support if possible?

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