I’m a Muslim Arab considering to be vegan despite being in the most anti vegan society possible via /r/vegan

I’m a Muslim Arab considering to be vegan despite being in the most anti vegan society possible

What made me consider it is the "game changers" documentary

I'm so glad that this subreddit exists, it gives me a sense of community, i would really love to have friends from here (especially arabs) who think in such a based way

i scrolled through the memes and they immediately sold me on veganismŲŒ they debunked so many of the common way of thought which is already something i enjoy (reflected in how i love reading neitszhe, and other philosophers)

Plus the fact that I'm so done with estrogen filled meat and milk

I'm not gonna even talk about how hard it will be to talk to my Muslim Arabic family about it as we muslims have a yearly ritual dedicated to meat, i think i might just do it without even talking about it

So as you guys can see, being an Arab and vegan is tons harder than being vegan somewhere else as it's not just morality holding us back, but most of our basic life philosophy as we still operate on the childish "humans are superior, animals are merely for our benifit" way of thinking

I don't know how to start , i will just double down on the salads, get peanut butter for protein and molasses and legumes for other minerals

I want to ask the people with knowledge this: what do you guys eat for vitamin b12? Do you just supplement or is there something?

Thank you guys for existing and living up such noble lives, because of your efforts, the message reached even the farthest possible person; a Muslim Arab in a very un westernized city, thank you,

please know that your efforts of spreading information about veganism and exposing what horrible things are done in slaughter houses have a far reaching, long lasting effect and are not gone to waste, i am a proof of that

Edit: guys i also wanted to say I was talking to my Bulgarian friend about this and she was immediately hooked, telling me I'm right and although they can't cut off cheese, will cut off meat, i told her that's still a huge improvement

I'm already having influence over others, never underestimate the power of one person, always give advice, it always pays off somehow, thank you again I'm only so glad to be on this path

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