I’m flat broke, and thank fuck I’m vegan. via /r/vegan

I’m flat broke, and thank fuck I’m vegan.

I just gotta rant.

We've all heard the ignorant, backwards, illogical and often repeated foolish arguments against veganism.

But protein! I can't live on salad! I need cheese! Humans are omnivores! Palm oil! Etc etc etc.

All of those (and more) I can at least handle hearing. They're all dumb, and wrong, but I can at least vaguely understand how someone with no exposure to the lifestyle could think that.

That said, there's one argument that absolutely burns my ass every time and I need to get my frustration out, hence this post.

"Being vegan is expensive." Motherfucker beans and rice are among the absolute cheapest foods available period! I have been living on an ultra tight budget since covid took my job. I've sold my hobby stuff, most of my gaming stuff, even my TV just to make rent.

The biggest thing I've been grateful for this whole time is that I went vegan a few years ago. If I was still eating meat, I'd have been on the streets months ago. Beans, rice, and a few vitamins I bought months ago in bulk at trader Joe's have at least kept me alive and perfectly healthy.

The good news is I finally got a job, the bad news is they won't pay me until January and I can't pay rent in December. I doubt I'll be able to get another extension for one month, but if it was 2 or 3, it would be entirely hopeless. Veganism has literally kept a roof over my head purely through being cheap as all hell.

I apologize if my language and tone has made anyone upset, but I just needed to get my frustration out. I was told today "maybe your situation wouldn't be so tight if you weren't eating that expensive vegan food" and I just had a meltdown of anger and sadness.


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