I’m the “good kind” of vegan and I hate it via /r/vegan

I’m the “good kind” of vegan and I hate it

Just venting. I have a lot of friends who like to refer to me as the "good kind" of vegan who doesn't "shove my views in other people's faces" and doesn't constantly talk about the fact that I'm vegan. I hate it so much. I was a lot more aggressive, and whenever people push the right buttons I still do tend to get more aggressive, but I mostly stopped the actively looking to argue because 1) I felt it affecting my relationships with people close to me and 2) I never actually felt like anything productive came of it. I do try to be understanding of people, I know that not everyone sees things exactly as I do and it takes time to reach life changing conclusions(it took me 3 years to go fully vegan), and I think that's important. But I absolutely despise this distinction people make between 'good' and 'bad' vegans. Good being any vegan who keeps his mouth shut and lets them continue because selfish jerks, and bad being any vegan who actually makes any sort of effort to reach them on a meaningful level. Like I want to be a 'bad' vegan if all it means is expressing myself fully, but I can't because I don't want to ruin relationships. So I'm a 'good' vegan who disregards shitty 'meat tastes good' and 'but protein' jokes and takes it silently so I can live my life. Just ranting, appreciate the forum for it.

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