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Inexpensive lunches to go?

I need some lunch ideas that would fit a low wage budget and I could eat again and again. Preferably about 7+ grams of protein per serving, fiber on the lower side, little saturated fat and sodium, and I don't care how much unsaturated fat or sugar. I've tried working with chickpeas but the only thing I like with them is hummus which isn't a meal. I don't like flaxseed, chia seed, or really any seeds. Nuts are ok as long as they're on the sustainable side (no almonds or cashews). I do like black beans but I don't know what do with them other than make a taco or a sandwich. I live in the US so tofu is rather expensive here no matter how much I like it. Not a huge fan of raw veggies and I will avoid a salad at all costs (such a vegan, huh?) I don't like most fruits either. I would prefer something cold as it's summer now we're currently restricted from using the microwaves at school due to COVID. I hope I can get some good suggestions with me being as picky as I am lol.

Edit: I forgot to mention I don't mind lentils but I'm not great at cooking them yet

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