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Italy is going to kill 100 pigs from a private sanctuary / shelter

The “Sfattoria degli Ultimi” is a shelter for pigs rescued from abuse conditions and urban boars who might be seen as a threat for the community causing the application of a shoot down procedure according to the regulations in effect.

Based in Rome, on the countryside North of the capital, this shelter hosts more than a hundred animals on a 5000 square meters land, providing two big stables where every single member is free to run around.

The animals are all regularly registered at the Local Health Authority office (“ASL” in Italian) and they are all identified with an installed microchip which label them as cattle not intended for food production (“NON DPA” in Italian).

As we know since the beginning of 2022, Italy was hit by an african swine plague and among the red zones implicated with the infection it looks like the northern area of the capital has been flagged as at risk.

Despite the law in force excludes categorically all the animals that are not intended for food production from being killed to contain the swine plague, the Local Health Authority is threatening to bring down all the healthy members of the Sfattoria.

The supervisors and the volunteers who have been fighting for almost two years for the cures and the wellbeing of these innocent animals are desperate for help and ask to all the good heart souls who are reading this appeal to answer the call to stop this absurdity.

You can sign the petition here:

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