Just changed someone’s mind on the spot via /r/vegan

Just changed someone’s mind on the spot

So my buddy who I haven’t seen since pre-Covid, (let’s call him Rakim close enough), just hit me up to go in the woods and smoke. We do our thing, get to talking about whatever, and he brings up how his cat recently passed, and a stray cat she was friends with keeps meowing outside his window. He talks about how sad the cat sounds, and how it makes him think about how other animals might feel the same emotions. I ask him if I can say something fucked up, and tell him about how dairy cows have the same exact reaction when their cows are taken away. It looked like a truth bomb just got dropped on him, and he immediately opened up his mind and started asking the best things to cook, stuff to buy, etc.

Just felt really nice. He didn’t even know I went vegan last year until it came up tonight, and that was probably the most open minded someone’s ever taken it.

Thanks Earthling Ed for teaching me how to speak the truth without pushing it