Looking for lunch ideas for taking to work? via /r/veganrecipes

Looking for lunch ideas for taking to work?

Hello! I am going back to work after being in lockdown here in England, I have been vegan for a very long time but I want to start taking me own food to work I used to get the fake duck wrap in co op every day coz I adore it but they aren’t stocking it in mine anymore 😩😩 I’m not sure what I can take that will work well to be left in a fridge and then eaten that isn’t super fancy. I do not have access to microwave, just fridge and kettle so can’t be anything that has to be heated

I’m going to be honest I am a fussy eater (classic vegan food I hate that I always come across in recipes are tofu, avocado, mushrooms, quinoa) and I HATE cooking, so I need something simple!

I’m having real trouble finding any sites/blogs that have ideas for simple food that I don’t have to reheat/that would actually be good cold haha any suggestion are defo welcome!!!

Submitted April 06, 2021 at 06:51PM by frankie0408
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