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Looking for simple, shelf-stable recipes?

Hi friends!

I've newly made the switch from vegetarian to vegan. I live very rurally, so I am stuck doing one grocery shop every 2-3 weeks. I find that any vegetables I buy only last week, and the next 1-2 weeks after that, I'm struggling to think of decent, delicious things to eat. I usually just end up eating satay tofu with rice and pickled ginger, which is great but gets old fast.

I'd love some recipes that rely mostly on cupboard staples, that I can stock up on for those later weeks when I'm out of fresh produce. More simple things are really appreciated as I am on a budget, but I have a good variety of spices etc. already. I really enjoy "The Stew" by Allison Roman (I obviously have it without the yoghurt etc.) – things in this light could be good.

I do have some frozen vegetables usually, but I'm a bit averse to them, I don't find them as nice as fresh veggies, so things that aren't frozen vegetable heavy would be great too.

Also, I have a mushroom allergy (the bane of my existence!). If people have some recipes to share, I'd be really interested in chatting and seeing what delicious, budget-friendly things you like to make! Thanks so much in advance!

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