Looking to set up an animal sanctuary has anyone successfully done this? Advice? via /r/vegan

Looking to set up an animal sanctuary has anyone successfully done this? Advice?

So my partner and I are in the position where we are going to be buying a new home. We want to get somewhere with lots of land in the hope of setting up a small animal sanctuary (Devon, UK).

Now I’m not delusional about how much it’s going to cost and how difficult it will be. But I’ve been vegan almost all my life and love animals and rescuing them etc and it really feels like my life’s calling and something I’ve been thinking about for many many years.

My partner and I are both teachers (however I’m not working at the moment) and hoping to maybe make it into an educational setting at some point. I used to run educational / science wildlife sessions for children, teaching them about caring for animals etc and I’d love to do the same in my own sanctuary.

I’ve had a wide range of animals in my life too, from giant millipedes & giant African land snails to rescued hedgehogs, a rescued duckling, cats etc. My brother is a recently qualified vet which is obviously very useful too!

I guess I am looking for anyone who has done anything remotely similar so I can ask a few questions???

So, if there are any people that own animal sanctuaries OR have experience working on them I’d LOVE to hear from you and pick your brain about how your sanctuary does things. I know it’s a mammoth task which will take meticulous planning, and not one I will embark on lightly. But if we can offer a sanctuary to even save a few lives, it’ll be worth it. But hoping someone out there might have some words of wisdom?!?!

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