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My son’s teacher is pressuring him to go to the zoo

Bit of an off my chest post, since people I know in real life wouldn't get it.

My kid is 6, and a staunch vegan. His class is going to the zoo soon, and he doesn't want to go. We took the look up the zoo, view it on Google Maps and see some photos. He's adamant he doesn't want to go, it's 100% his choice. He says that seeing the animals will.make him really sad. He's been to one zoo in the past, but it was an open plain zoo, and he liked that (Monarto Zoo in South Australia I'd anyone is familiar with that). He made an informed choice then as well, but this time it's an inner city zoo.

I chatted with his teacher about it, explained his ethics, and asked if we could figure out an alternative, like visiting a sanctuary or seeing some wild animals.

She never got back to me, and today my kid has come home feeling annoyed at her and worried that he'll have to go to the zoo. She pulled him aside after class and told him he has to go, and tried to talk him into it. This is after I've let her know that he definitely isn't going, and we want to work out an alternative!

I can't help but think what if my kid was religious, and she was trying to convince him to act in a way that contravened his religion… Like trying to convince him to eat ham or something that wasn't kosher, or eat a pizza lunch during Ramadan. It's so inappropriate!

Anyways, I've sent a polite, clear and firm email to the principal (since kiddo's teacher hasn't replied to my messages), so here's hoping it's dealt with properly.

But just omg. Now my kid feels like his teacher doesn't respect him, and he's going to have a hard time trusting her. I used to work in early childhood education, so I know how important relationships are for teaching. Just ugh. It's not that hard to just respect someone's beliefs.

Thanks for reading!

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