Please watch Seaspiracy via /r/vegan

Please watch Seaspiracy

You’re not just ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ when you watch this or documentaries like this and decide to make a change. The whole idea of this is exposure so that we do make change. See a lot of people joking that people watch this one documentary and think they know everything so make a rash decision based on one film. This guys blew the lid off this conspiracy and hopefully has caught a lot of people’s attention enough for more of us to make the change, because it’s a change that is 100% worth making.

Also a lot of people, myself included tend to avoid these documentaries because of how raw and sad they are. I am an HSP/Empath and I cannot bare to witness this stuff but I told myself to just do it for the cause. The pain I experienced watching these documentaries is absolutely fuck all to what these breath taking beings experience. I mean if you really can’t handle it I totally understand that because it’s horrifying but if you can find it in yourself to try and watch this or any documentary regarding this issue and issues alike, try. I cried my eyes out several times. The section where they filmed in Denmark, I was inconsolable. But the information in this documentary was something we should all be aware of because it is staggering. Maybe if there’s a way for someone to summarise all the facts of the documentary without having to witness the pain and torture of these beings and make a post about it I think that might be a great idea. I’m happy to take a crack at it if anyone would prefer that?

Anyway, peace and love to you all 🐋 🐟 🌊 🌎 🌱 ☮️ 💙