Question – Air Frying a Tofurkey Ham Roast? via /r/veganrecipes

Question – Air Frying a Tofurkey Ham Roast?

Hey so I'm not a vegan but my mom is and this year I'm in charge of all of the Thanksgiving cooking. I saw a Tofurky Ham Roast with Amber Ale Glaze at the store today and decided to pick it up because it was the cheapest Thanksgiving vegan meat I could find. The instructions say to bake it an oven for 1 hour and 15 minutes on 325 degrees F, but we use a very small toaster oven, so our space is limited and I want to be able to cook other things in the toaster oven and save time. So I've been looking for faster ways to cook it, I can't find much when searching this product online except for cooking in an instant pot for 9 minutes. In an Amazon review I read for this product someone apparently air fryed this and it turned out very good but they gave no details for how long/what temperature. So I would like to ask people here if they know about any possible recommended tips/times/temperatures for cooking this in an air fryer. I have had no experience cooking with products like this before. Thanks in advance.

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