[Rant] I wish we were already a vegan culture. via /r/vegan

[Rant] I wish we were already a vegan culture.

I hate being the only vegan in my friend group.

I wish I had vegan parents to help me with recipes, so I don't have to teach myself everything off of youtube. I wish my parents had vegan parents.

I wish there was cheap, mass produced vegan fast food, restaurants, vending machines, everywhere.

From the smallest town to the largest cities.

I'm sick of going out with friends and getting charged $10+ for some cheap rice, beans, and tomatoes.

But we aren't there yet. I envy those who make it to the other side of the chaos coming from climate change, who will live to benefit from all of the social progress we make.

I just wish it were easier. And that I didn't have to be the first in my group to do it.

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