RANT: Vegan in a non-vegan family via /r/vegan

RANT: Vegan in a non-vegan family

I am so SICK of the comments on my food choices. I get a donut from the donut shop that doesn’t use chicken period??? “EW, I wouldn’t feed that to my DOG” I make myself waffles with oat milk instead of cow breast milk??? “Hey guys! be sure to eat the NORMAL waffles, she is killing oats for her dinner”

If I try to stick up for myself or get upset about any of their comments I’m told that I’m too sensitive or can’t take a joke. If I point out that animals are literally abused and tortured for their diets I get laughed at again. Or told that they just don’t care.

And I’m not trying to convert anyone! I am just trying to do MY best to not contribute to this horrible system! And I am ridiculed at every corner. It just gets hard, and I’ve only been vegan barely a month. Granted I live at home with my parents in the rural Midwest, so it’s not like I wasn’t expecting this.😔

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