Recipes and meal ideas for high cholesterol mother? via /r/veganrecipes

Recipes and meal ideas for high cholesterol mother?

Hello everyone! I was hoping for some suggestions on what to cook for my mother, she recently was informed of her high cholesterol and is coming from out of state for a week long visit. I’d love to make her some delicious meals and show her some products she may want to use to help her adjust her diet.

The problem is, she is a very “meat and potatoes” type person and is honestly quite boring with their food. I’m certain she wouldn’t like too many meat replacements, she doesn’t like anything spicy, she doesn’t even like bell peppers. She’s also not very adventurous when it comes to Asian cuisine. So I’ve got some pasta dishes lined up, and maybe we’ll do tacos too. I’d really like to make her something that she’ll want to recreate at home. Any recipe suggestions for picky omnis?

Submitted March 09, 2021 at 09:11PM by trash_bby
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