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Recipes for Mourning Food?

Hello vegan cooks of Reddit! My dear friend lost her mother and will be sitting shiva (observing a Jewish mourning ritual/period) this week. My friend's fiance is vegan. I'd like to bring them food that could last a few days, casserole-style or tray of sandwiches, etc., but I'm having trouble finding an example of a good vegan dish for a crowd.

Do you have any big dish recipes you enjoy? I'm open to buying uncommon ingredients for this. I've made him a ratatouille-style dish before, and that's my fallback if I can't think of anything else. Thank you!

(My apologies if this is a common question – I searched the subreddit and came up empty.)

Submitted March 08, 2021 at 07:54PM by PreviousPianist
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