Recipes please? I’m new to this via /r/veganrecipes

Recipes please? I’m new to this

I've always been a bit of a picky eater. I gave up meat entirely 16 months ago, and two months ago I gave up cheese and I'm currently giving up milk. My brother is vegan, and he's been trying to help me because for the last month I've only eaten avacados and some form of sandwich everyday. I'm a freshman in highschool so I can't go shopping(take note of that please) My family Indian so all the food is Indian, except Indian food makes me feel like I'm gonna throw up. The only beans I like are kidney beans, and the vegan cheese and milk my mom buys is a little bit gross. (It's alot actually) I looovee mexican food and chinese food, but my mom only buys beans/ a bag of tortillas once or twice a month. (Just a note to add here, I make all my own food because that's what everyone in our house does) My problem is that I don't like meat substitutes or fake meat, and I cannot stand tofu. It's been driving me slightly crazy because when I stopped eating meat and cheese I gave up all my favourite candies, chips, and snacks. My mom has been buying vegan versions and I really have been trying to eat them but they all just taste really bland and weird. If anyone has any good recipient that I could make with my limited options, please send me them


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