“”Respectful”” hunting via /r/vegan

“”Respectful”” hunting

So please do not brigade, but there is a discussion in TwoX right now about this woman's boyfriend who shot a rabbit for shits and giggles without eating the meat. She is concerned by this behavior and everyone agrees it's a massive red flag.

However, every other post qualifies it with "but me/my uncle/my cousin's dentist's brother hunts and eats the meat, and that's OK!" Either that, or that it's ok to kill a "pest animal" like a mountain lion (which I should add are ecologically important species and it's incredibly rare for them to hurt humans).

Uhh…I'm pretty sure it's 2022 and hunting, even for meat, is now a hobby for most people and not something one needs for survival. Just because you can eat the meat from your kill doesn't mean you actually needed it in the first place. And for all the people using money as an excuse, I'm pretty sure you could fill a school bus with dried beans for the amount it would cost for hunting tags, guns, ammo, etc (OK, maybe not literally, but you get my point).

Just kind of pisses me off that eating an animal, even when it's completely unnecessary, magically makes their abuse OK…we see this not just with hunting but with factory farming and slaughterhouses too.

And yes I understand there are some situations where a species needs to be hunted for ecological reasons (eg feral hogs; deer in some situations) and that there are people in the world who are subsistence hunters with few other options. That's not what I'm talking about, obviously…just the people who conveniently LARP as a starving caveman when hunting and then immediately return to their modern home in their massive trucks…

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