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Salad Ingredients to go with Hemp Seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi there, couldn't find the small questions general thread so thought I'd expand my question.

I'm looking to get back to a vegan diet, my health has suffered since I stopped years ago from depression and financial issues, but I'm in a better place now and want my diet and health to reflect that too. Plus it's easier on my mental health not feeling like I'm contributing to pain and suffering in the world…

I'm gonna be doing a combination of intermittent fasting with a vegan diet so I'm looking for simple ingredients to do salads (mainly) that'll still have a great taste to help get over the addiction factor that'll kick in once I cut down on sugar, oil, fat, and all of those artificial tastes and chemical preservatives. Organic would be best to avoid the various pesticides/herbicides too.

My base ingredients for salads are going to be Hemp Seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar, I would love if anyone had any extra yummy salad recipes to share that would pair well with these. Whether fruit or normal leafy greens, just need some ideas to make some variety across a week.

The only other ingredients I'll have on hand are a mixture of nuts (cashews, pecans, almonds, etc) and Coconut Oil.

Anyone care to share any recipe ideas with those ingredients in mind?

Small snack recipes would be nice too.

I'm not exactly the brightest star in the sky so don't be afraid to make even simple suggestions, I probably wouldn't have thought of them as fast or found them as fast as just having someone mention them to me since I'm looking to start transitioning this weekend. I spent a week sick from food poisoning and finally recovered from it fully today so, it was the wake-up call I needed to kick myself back into a better way of life.

Please help, and thank you.

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