Seeking support via /r/vegan

Seeking support

I’m typing this from the bathroom, where I’ve excused myself to cry. This is my first thanksgiving as a vegan, and it’s been so, so painful. My vegan partner made a single comment about how animals shouldn’t have to die for us, and I mentioned that it’s good to eat LESS meat for environmental reasons. (I could sense the mood of the room, so I softened my approach). His grandfather lost it. He accused us of preaching, and telling him how to live. It became a big moment and his family yelled at my partner for ruining the meal. Im so, so devastated. How can everyone be so callous as they eat the carcass of a sentient being? (Also, for what it’s worth, I participated in a very Jesus-heavy grace before the meal despite being Jewish, making the “preaching” comment doubly hurtful). I’m mostly writing this to vent, and, as the title says, seek support. I’m so, so sad.

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