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Seitan Recipe Using Flour Question

So, I love using plain unbleached flour and making seitan from scratch. I pretty much mix up a massive ball of dough (usually up to 12 cups flour, lol), let it sit, rinse, simmer… all that good stuff. I love it. Sometimes I notice it is literally squeaky when I bite into it. I have heard some people add a little bit of flour back into the ball of gluten after its rinsed to help with texture. I have especially heard people talk about using chickpea flour.

My issue is, no matter how hard I am looking, the only people I see adding chickpea flour are those using vital wheat gluten from the start! So it is hard for me to figure out how much of the chickpea flour I should add in after rinsing the dough ball to give the seitan a better texture that hopefully isnt super squeaky. Does anyone here have a suggestion for how much to add? I am making a large batch for thanksgiving and I don't want to ruin it first go.

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